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YT800000236 Paint washing mobile phone

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Product Number: YT800000236 Product Name: Automatic Mobile Phone Washing

Reference size: Dimensions W × D × H (mm): 520 × 500 × 1700

1. Product name: Stainless steel automatic washing mobile phone Clean room washing table Changing room washing mobile phone Automatic washing mobile phone

2. Product introduction: The fully automatic mobile phone washing machine developed by Yuantuo is an advanced mechatronics device with automatic hand washing, drying and other functions. Its working process is as follows: hands reaching into the hand basin ------ Automatic Induction of water -------- Hand washing time can be set according to the working environment --------- Automatically start the dryer after the hand washing time is reached -------- The drying air passes through the high-efficiency air filter Filtration ----------- Automatically enters the standby state when the drying time is over. The device has an advanced PLC control system and a visual control panel. The program is photoelectric switch induction control. Both hand washing and drying time Modify the time according to customer needs,

Main structure: stainless steel SUS or steel plate paint           

Inside: Stainless steel (SUS 304)               

Blowing air: cleanliness CLASS 100 (ISO CLASS 5)         

Dust collection efficiency: more than 99.99% of 0.3um particles               

Dust collection elements: HEPA FILTER non-woven FILTER           

Operation switch: PLC program control module               

Blowing wind speed: about 27 (50HZ) m / sec is heated by electric heater               

Water supply: automatic water supply faucet             

3. Product features:

a. The blown gas is dust-free sterile air filtered by HEPA FILTER.

b. Because it is fully automatic, it can wash and dry hands without touching any utensils.

c. Small size does not occupy space.

4. Shanghai Yuantuo undertakes the production of all kinds of clean room equipment. Welcome to inquire.

Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The exterior is painted, and the tank liner is stainless steel   Cosmetic mirror above the pool
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The sink is surrounded by a closed design to avoid water flow on the ground   



Automatic mobile phone washing is widely used in high-level clean rooms, with annual production capacity of more than 1,000 units and more than 50 conventional stocks
The control system is a proprietary technology patent of Yuantuo, and there are advanced photoelectric sensor switches inside, which automatically discharge water and dry.
The upper part of the cosmetic mirror is behind the circuit controller, the lower part is the fan and heater, and are equipped with special maintenance doors
The control system can be adjusted at all times, including water outlet, blowing and wind temperature can be adjusted freely 
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