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YT800000011 PP transfer window

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Product Code: YT800000011 Product Name: PP transfer window / corrosion-resistant transfer window

1. Principle and structure: The
transfer window (PASS BOX) is a device placed on the wall of the clean room compartment. Its function is to serve as a buffer for the transfer of items inside and outside the clean room. It destroys the airflow and pressure of the clean room, and can also reduce the time for the operator to move and prevent the entry of dust in the outer area. Therefore, the inlet and outlet of the transfer box should have an interlocking control that cannot be opened at the same time to prevent cross contamination. 
2. Features:
 1. Fully made of PP material, suitable for corrosive environments such as strong acids and alkalis, smooth, clean and wear-resistant.
 2. The doors on both sides are equipped with mechanical interlocking or electronic interlocking devices to ensure that the doors on both sides cannot be opened at the same time. 
3. Various non-standard sizes and floor-to-ceiling transmission windows can be customized according to customer needs.
4. Remarks:
PP material introduction-PP is a semi-crystalline material. It is harder than PE and has a higher melting point. Due to the high crystallinity, this material has good surface stiffness and scratch resistance. PP does not have the problem of environmental stress cracking. It has excellent anti-hygroscopicity, anti-acid corrosion and anti-solubility.


Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The whole adopts imported porcelain white PP board with the same material PP electrode to weld to form   The page adopts special pressure hinge
Equipped with our company's patented mechanical interlocking device, two doors cannot be opened at the same time   The window adopts transparent corrosion-resistant PVC board
Handle adopts special cold storage handle, strong and durable   During the production process (the outside is a PP board protective film, which can be removed)


3. Classification: The
transfer window can be divided into: standard transfer window and air shower transfer window.
Fourth, the technical parameters:
1. All use PP material transmission window
2. Overall size: 700 long * 400 wide * 500 high
Inner size: 550 wide * 400 deep * 400 high
3. Equipped with ultraviolet light
Five, installation and use:
1. For newly installed transfer windows, the work area should be cleaned before use.
2. When the items need to be transported into the clean room, open the door to enter the transfer window, close the door, and the second door can be opened; after the items are transported away from the transfer window, the second door is closed. Conversely, when it is necessary to leave the clean room, as long as the door is opened to enter the transfer window, the door is closed, the outer door can be opened, and the second door is closed after the items are transported away from the transfer window.
3. The two doors of the transfer window are placed in a closed state, and the transfer window with the ultraviolet lamp, first plug in the power plug. After use, turn off the power switch. Shanghai Yuantuo can undertake the production of various transmission windows. If you need, you can call us. Air shower room order hotline: 15221126962 Miss Cai QQ: 1851866318 MSN: yuant8551@msn.cn Email: yuant8551@126.com

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