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YT800000347 Detachable clean room

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Product Code: YT-800000347 Product Name: Detachable clean room

Applicable customers: temporary use, low frequency of use, possibility of relocation

Advantages: All adopt modular installation, which is very convenient for future displacement, size change, and cleanliness upgrade. In case of large equipment entering and exiting during the production process, only one piece can be disassembled without affecting other areas and main structure

Disadvantages: The cost is slightly higher than the color steel plate clean room,

Frame: 80 * 80, 40 * 80, 40 * 40 and other heavy-duty industrial aluminum profiles assembled with patented concealed connectors

Sealing plate: the company's patented airtight pressure strips are combined with different thicknesses of PVC transparent and non-transparent plates.

HVAC: You can supply air through the air conditioning box, or control the temperature and humidity through the double-layer ceiling mode and hidden air conditioning

Ground: Can be used as raised floor, epoxy floor, PVC composite floor, stainless steel floor, etc.


Yuantuo   Yuantuo

The overall frame is made by the company's special heavy industrial aluminum profile


Fully sealed around, FFU purification system installed on top

Yuantuo   Yuantuo

The overall design is to seal the clean non-transparent board below, and the transparent PVC board above


There is a manual sliding door at the entrance of the clean room, and the top is sealed by a non-transparent plate, and the sealing plate adopts the special airtight pressure bar specially made by our company

Yuantuo   Yuantuo

The top is sealed with an aluminum profile frame and a special airtight bead, which has good sealing performance and a modular design, which is convenient for future cleanliness upgrades.


The ground is 3mm stainless steel plate, all welded

Yuantuo   Yuantuo

The clean rooms are all modular in design, which is convenient for moving, shifting, increasing or decreasing the cleanliness in the future, and the size change is extremely convenient



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