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YT800000182 575 * 575 FFU unit

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Detailed description:
FFU material is made of environmentally friendly composite aluminum-zinc plate, which is not rusty, corrosion-resistant, light and strong, and the box body is designed with golden section. The thickness is not more than 310cm; the weight is only 24kg, which saves space and is convenient for construction and daily maintenance. The FFU fan adopts imported anti-static multi-wing turbine energy-saving fan. The ultra-low noise can reach a minimum of 45 decibels and a maximum of 58 decibels. Wind pressure diffusion uniformly, a uniform and stable surface wind speed, low-power low running costs, the working life of up to 80,000 hours, the fan is controlled by adjusting the third gear speed circuitry from heat sensing touch switch control, 2 is set so integrated with the control safer More stable; and preset centralized control function. Flexible and diversified configurations, in addition to standard models, can produce non-standard products of different specifications according to customer needs. Such as: filter type, cabinet material and other changes. The humanized design unit is equipped with stainless steel handles, which makes the transportation and installation more convenient and fast.

Wide range of application:
suitable for various clean rooms from level 1 to level 10,000, and can be assembled into ultra-clean production lines, clean workbenches, clean sheds, dust-free wardrobes, etc.

Main industries:
optical industry, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedicine, precision instrument manufacturing, PCB printing and other industries, wafer processing industry, food processing industry, semiconductor processing industry, electronic factories, laboratories, etc.

FFU detailed technical parameters


Module size
(Module size)
575mmx575mm In addition to standard products, the size of the module can be changed according to the different needs of customers.
Module size can be designed according to customers requirements besides standard module
Custom specifications
Wind speed (wind)
(Air Flow Velocity)
Power supply 1Φ 0.3 m / s approx. = 700 m3 / h
Power 2Φ 0.45 m / s approximately = 1100 m3 / h
Power supply 3Φ 0.6 m / s approximately = 1400 m3 / h
A main filter
(Main filter)
Hepa: (High Eficiency Particulate Air) 0.3μm Over 9999%
Ulpa: (Uitra Penetration Air) 0.1μm Over 99. 9995%
0.05μm Over 99.99995%
0.01μm Over 99. 9995%
static pressure
58dBA (0.45m/s) Can accept customer requests for other
(Main body)
Composite aluminum zinc plate
(Power supply)
1Φ220V 50Hz
2Φ220V 50Hz
3Φ220V 50Hz
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