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YT800000057 Class10 Clean room (Engineering)

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Product Code: YT800000057 Product Name: Class10 Class Clean Room Engineering Form: Laminar Flow

Customers: TFT-LCD manufacturers in the electronics industry

Construction Date: October 2012 Completion Date: December 2012

Construction area: a total of 1500 square meters of which: 1000-level purification 500 square meters, 100-level purification 500 square meters, 10,000-level purification 500 square meters

Wall: Rock wool sandwich panel thickness 50mm

Included content: general water supply and drainage, ultra-pure water supply and drainage, general exhaust, acid exhaust, chemical supply system All construction contents are designed and built by Yuantuo independently


Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The overall design is top air supply, elevated floor return air form, cleanliness Class10   The room FFU coverage rate is 100%, and the filter efficiency of the high-efficiency filter is 99.99995% at0.1um
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Design of entrance shower room and exit buffer room in dressing area   The raised floor adopts aluminum alloy anti-static raised floor, bearing 800KG per square meter, good bearing capacity
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The bottom of the raised floor adopts anti-oxygen self-flowing floor, and the surface is not dusty   FFU installation site, FFU uses 1175 * 1175 modular assembly, all products are produced by Yuantuo independently, to minimize the construction cost
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
On-site installation   Return duct of static pressure box
Static pressure box FFU    

Yuantuo can customize dust-free workshops of various cleanliness, and widely serve the electronics industry, biomedical industry (including GMP certification)

Service Hotline: 13585774135 Mr. Wang QQ: 759327184 MSN: yuant8211@hotmail.com Email: yuant8211@123.com

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