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YT800000021 Stencil inspection table

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Product Code: YT800000021
The stencil inspection platform is suitable for industries such as solar energy and new energy. Its purpose is to check the defects of the stencil and reduce the product defect rate.
The specific production specifications are as follows:
1. The main body plates are made of SUS304 * 1.2MM mirror panel (the thickness of the plate is subject to small tolerances "1.12MM").
2 The skeleton is controlled by 38 * 38 * 1.5MM stainless steel bright side. With 40W fluorescent lamp inside, the light is soft.
3. All flash welds must be ground and polished.
4. Four stainless steel leveling feet.
5. The finished product is cleaned with clean room cleaning standards and covered with a protective film.
6. In order to comply with environmental protection policies, the surface is specially prepared with fine I grinding and polishing treatment, not using chemical electrolytic polishing (etching), so as not to pollute the environment.
The photos of the production process (the most original manuscript) are now posted for inspection
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Debug the lights. Check again   (The production master is confirming the final process)

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