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Product number: YT800000119
Product name: Clean work shed CLEAN BOOTH clean microenvironment
External size: W4200 * D2600 * H2100 size can be customized according to customer needs
Applicable industry: dust-free workshop
for electronic production Scope of application: provide a local environment with high cleanliness

Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Clean room environment Class 100, local cleanliness level: Class 1   The frame is made of stainless steel square tube, and the four sides are sealed with anti-static grid curtains
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Top FFU unit, stainless steel, total 12 units   The inside is U16 ultra high efficiency filter, the filtration efficiency is 999977% at0.1um
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Lighting lamps use Philips teardrop lamp   Yuantuo Purification is committed to the development of the clean industry, and develops various auxiliary equipment for the production of clean rooms, stainless steel equipment

Yuantuo Purification is committed to the development of the cleaning industry, and develops various production auxiliary equipment, stainless steel equipment, and clean sheds in the cleaning room. The cleaning shed is a simple purification device with low investment, high purification level, and convenient movement. Place the clean laminar flow hood FFU on a frame assembled from professionally purified aluminum. The top is covered with blind panels, and the tight joints are tight. The anti-static plexiglass gaps around the anti-static curtain make the cleanliness in the shed area reach Class 1-10000.

The structure of the clean work shed is relatively simple, small in size, light in weight, suitable for hanging or moving, thus increasing the possibility of being used in a large-area plant 6 that adapts to changing processes. In addition, the inherent internal freedom of this device is large, and there are no visual and transportation obstacles, and its development is ignored. It is a local clean area equipment with low investment, high speed, high performance and low energy consumption.

Main features:
1. Modular and assembled structure design, easy to apply I can greatly shorten the on-site construction time;
2. Low cost and easy to move;
3. Suitable for improving the cleanliness of local clean areas.

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