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YT800000117 Stainless steel clean work

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Product Code: Y80000117
Product Name: Clean Work Shed Applicable Industries: Semiconductor, LED, Photovoltaic and other electronic industries
Features: Stainless steel frame, outer anti-static grid curtain, anti-static strip curtain at the door, stainless steel square tube for frame It is made of stainless steel pressure strips with anti-static grid curtains around it to ensure the sealing. The
personnel import and export use anti-static strip curtains to make
FFU units: the main body is made of aluminum-coated zinc plate, and the fan can be made of domestic and German EMB two
high efficiency filters: 1170 * 570 * 69mm, filtration efficiency H14 Dust collection efficiency: 99 99% at 0.3um
purification level: Class100
size can be customized according to customer site conditions

Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The main frame is made by SUS304 * 50 * 50 * 2MM   The anti-static grid city is sealed around and at the top, and sealed with relentless protection pressure strips
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Use anti-static strip curtain for personnel import and export   FFU unit installed on the top, purification level, Class100

Clean microenvironment order hotline: 13585774135 (Mr. Wang) QQ: 759327184 MSN: yuant8211@hotmail.com Email: changshuai_wang@yuant.net

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