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YT800000007 Mobile 100-level clean

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Product Code: YT800000007 Product Name: Clean Work Shed Customer: SMIC GSMC

1. Technical Parameters
CLEAN BOOTH (Clean Work Shed)
Class-Static Class 1000 (U.S. Federal Standard-209E)
Dimensions (mm): W8400 * D8400 * H2200
Main Frame: Adopt our company's special aluminum dosage form (40 * 80 40 * 40 30 * 30) production (surface anodizing), and assembled with our company's special quick assembly; the
top is sealed with 4t plastic aluminum plate, and the fasteners are fastened with our company's special PVC bead; the
surrounding is 0.3t pvc antistatic net curtains and by the company special 3t * 40 aluminum seal bead disposed
FFU system * day inlet air unit 12 sets HITACH mining
supply: 002V 50HZ wind Speed: 0.35m / s
collection efficiency: 0.3 um 99.99%
purified lamps: single tube 220V 50HZ 40W * 18 group
All materials are shipped to the site for installation after clean packaging in a clean room

2. Description of usage status: The
mobile clean shed will move in the direction of device arrangement during operation.
The clean shed is surrounded by vertical curtains to facilitate personnel access.

Third, the clean work level: to
ensure that the transition from the external environment of 10,000 to the 100 level of the clean shed internal area can be achieved within 20 minutes, and can maintain the 100-level clean level unchanged for a long time.

4. Weight requirements The
entire clean shed can be hoisted by a 2 ton truss truck, and the safety of the clean shed must be ensured during the hoisting process. Supporting casters can also work normally.

5. Other
There are lighting devices in the shed, the power supply is 220V, 50Hz

Six, physical map

Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Mobile clean shed is widely used in clean room, because it is easy to move, not limited to the size of the venue   The overall frame adopts the company's special 40 * 40 aluminum profile, the top is sealed with anti-static aluminum-plastic plate, the front has FFU switch, differential pressure gauge, signal lamp, etc.
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The clean shed made of aluminum profile is widely used by major semiconductor manufacturers because of its convenient construction and no impact on the site of the clean room.   Order Hotline for Clean Work Shed: 13585774135 Mr. Wang QQ: 759327184 MSN: yuant8211@hotmail.com Email: yuant8211@123.com
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