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YT800000188 clean work shed

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Product Code: YT800000215 Product Name: Clean Work Shelf MINI-Environment (Ultra-micro Environment) Customer: SMIC GSMC HHNEC is
suitable for the fab, LED, photoelectric coating industry,
frame material: the company ’s special aluminum profile and Equipped with patented concealed connectors for connection, abandoning traditional four-sided slotted aluminum profiles, the company independently developed two-sided three-sided slotted, other flat aluminum profiles, the biggest advantage is that it is not easy to accumulate dust, especially suitable for CLASS1 The environmental
sealing plate: the top uses Japanese imported anti-static stainless steel bright plate, the lower part uses Japanese imported 5mm anti-static PVC board (Sekisui Chemical), with the airtight pressure seal developed by the company ’s patent, the airtightness is extremely high best
FFU system: imported from Germany EBM motors produced FFU, more than the life of 80,000 hours, filtration systems use ultra-efficient filter of imported paper production, the filtration efficiency of 99.99997% at0.1um, purification level Class1
source Tinto is committed to clean and purify industry Development, development equipment, clean room, various production auxiliary equipment, stainless steel equipment, clean shed is a kind of low investment and high purification level , Simple purification device with relatively convenient movement. Place the clean laminar flow hood FFU on a frame assembled from professionally cleaned aluminum profiles. The top is covered with blind panels, the tight seams are tight, and the surroundings are surrounded by anti-static curtains / anti-static plexiglass to make the cleanliness in the shed area reach Class 1-10000.
The structure of the clean work shed is relatively simple, small in size, light in weight, suitable for hanging or moving, thus increasing the possibility of application in large-area workshops that are adaptable to changing processes. In addition, the inherent internal freedom of this device is large, and there are no visual and transportation obstacles, and its development is ignored. It is a local clean area equipment with low investment, fast implementation, high performance and low energy consumption.

Main features:
1. Modular and assembled structure design, easy construction can greatly shorten the on-site construction time;
2. Low cost, easy to move;
3. Suitable for improving the cleanliness of local clean areas.

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Front view, the microenvironment is suitable for the local purification function of special machines in the semiconductor fab   Clean microenvironment order hotline: 13585774135 Mr. Wang QQ: 759327184 MSN: yuant8211@hotmail.com Email: yuant8211@123.com 
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