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YT800000205 Multi-person double hair shower room

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Product Number: YT80000205 Product Name: Multi-person Double Blowing Shower Room
Air shower room (AIR SHOWER) is used to blow dust off human clothes and equipment, materials and tools when the operator or item enters CLEAN ROOM The buffer room of the clean room is to prevent cross contamination.
Material: 1.2mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, surface paint, computer gray
Also optional materials
a. High-quality cold-rolled steel plate baking paint b. SUS304 stainless steel c. Outer baking paint inner stainless steel
Plate thickness optional 1.0mm and 1.2mm
Door material: our company's special aluminum profile door
a. Aluminum profile door b. 304 stainless steel door c. Cold-rolled steel paint door
Opening direction: customer's choice
Control system: using advanced integrated circuit control, voice prompt function,
Number of nozzles: 24 Material: SUS304 Wind speed: 25M / S
Fan: DSX * 4 sets Power: 0.55KW * 4 = 2.5KW
High efficiency filtration: 4 pieces, filtration efficiency 99.99% at0.3um
Primary filter: 4 tablets
Lighting: 20W two lights Power: 380V
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Dimensions   Yuantuo production air shower room has been widely used in electronics, medicine, food, aerospace, new energy industries. Yuantuo adheres to the principle of winning by quality. The produced air shower room has the advantages of stable performance, low failure rate, high cost performance, etc. Praise, with an average annual output of more than 300 air shower rooms
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The cathode lock adopts the "Lishijian" brand, and all the accessories of Yuantuo wind shower room adopt brand-name products. Never use fake and inferior products to ensure the stable service life and performance of the wind shower room.   The first domestic adopting quick-release panel design, all the panels inside the wind shower are designed with flat handles, tool-free disassembly and assembly, greatly increasing the convenience of maintenance work, Yuantuo always puts the convenience of customers in the first place, and reflects this idea In product design, details determine success or failure, we will do better.
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Internal 360-degree rotatable nozzle, all materials are SUS304   The recessed photoelectric switch avoids the possibility of personnel or goods hitting the photoelectric switch when entering and exiting, and reflects the humanized design to the greatest extent
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The patented aluminum door specially developed by the company for the air shower room has the advantages of light weight, low failure rate and elegant appearance.   Yuantuo Purification can customize various sizes of air shower room, cargo shower room, and delivery window and other purification equipment

Yuantuo air shower room is all made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate and SUS stainless steel. The thickness of all the plates is 1.2mm and the local thickness is 2mm. If the customer finds that the thickness of the plate is less than 1.1mm after receiving the goods, Yuantuo will be responsible for the return and exchange Yuantuo promises that all used accessories are strictly in accordance with the drawing standards, welcome to inquire,

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