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YT800000172 Lifting door transfer window

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Item No .: YT800000172 Lifting door transfer window

Product Name: Lifting door wind shower transmission window  

Material optional: cold-rolled steel plate paint / stainless steel

Interlocking form optional: mechanical interlocking / electronic interlocking

Product features: The clean area and the non-clean area transfer items in a short distance to reduce the number of door openings in the clean room and minimize the pollution to the clean area. In order to reduce the large amount of dust particles caused by the entry and exit of goods, the clean air flow filtered by the air shower transmission window through the high-efficiency filter is sprayed onto the goods from various directions by the rotatable nozzle, effectively and quickly removing the dust particles After being filtered by the primary and high-efficiency filters, it is recycled into the air shower area. In order to achieve the best effect of blowing, the wind speed of the nozzle outlet can reach more than 20s.  


Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Laminar flow transmission window, the door is a lifting door, built-in slide rail and lifting cylinder, automatic induction lifting   Double door interlocking system, laminar flow time is adjustable, the double door is closed and cannot be opened when blowing
There is a control panel on the front, the panel can adjust the ultraviolet sterilization time and the wind shower time, and there is an emergency stop switch, which can turn off the power in an emergency.    


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