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YT800000323 Double-layer self-cleaning transfer window

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Product Code: YT800000323 Product Name: Double purification transfer window for the industry: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and other industries
Material: SUS304 drawing board thickness: 1.2mm
External dimensions: 1000 * 1000 * 1800 internal dimensions: 600 * 600 * 600
fans : 0.35KW * 2 high efficiency: liquid tank type 99.99% at0.3um * 2 pieces Blowing
form: automatic / manual Interlocking form: electronic interlocking DOP test port: with 
outlet wind speed: 0.45m / s  
use of shower delivery window, The pollution control of the items transported inside and outside the clean room reaches a higher level. The items outside the clean area
will be blown through the wind shower transmission window before entering the clean room , so that the contaminants attached to the items are minimized to ensure Infected  


Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Double-layer double room design, the upper and lower two floors are independent space design, independent operating system   Suitable for use in GMP standard clean workshop, the appearance adopts cold-rolled steel plate baking paint, maintains the same color as the clean warehouse board, and the interior of the transfer warehouse is made of stainless steel
Each unit is equipped with a DOP dust sampling port, differential pressure gauge, intercom and LCD controller    


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