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YT800000033 PVC fast rolling door cargo shower room

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Item No .: YT800000033
Reference Size: W1500 * D2000 * H2175
Standard Air Shower Room
Standard Air Shower Room Air shower room series products are a kind of versatile local purification equipment, installed between clean rooms and non-clean rooms. When people and goods need to enter the clean area, they must be sprayed by the AAS series. The clean air blown out can remove the dust carried by the people and goods, effectively blocking or reducing the dust source entering the clean area. The air shower can also act as an air lock to prevent unpurified air from entering the clean area.
Standard air shower room
product code description: YT-AS-001
YT product feature code, 80 channel width size cm,
1 improved code, A shower type A double side blowing B single side blowing,
S function: R door interlock Doors are not interlocked, R steering: R right turn L left turn T three doors, i Number of connecting sections (not marked in 1 section)
Product technical parameters: YT-AS-001
Model items
Filtration efficiency%
≧ 99.99% (0.3um)
Nozzle wind speed m / s
≧ 25
Number of nozzles
power supply
AC 380V    50HZ
Power consumption KWA
2.2 (1.9)
1.4 (1.1)
High-quality steel plate paint treatment
High-quality steel plate paint
Dimensions mm
Channel size mm
Weight kg



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Cargo shower room without floor    


The company specializes in the production and sales of standard air shower rooms. The cabinet is made of high-quality steel plate baking paint. The standard air shower rooms can be customized according to customer requirements. His strength is durability. It is widely used in various industries and scientific research fields such as electronics, machinery, instrumentation, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, food and beverage, coating and printing, medical and health, biological engineering and so on.
* Non-standard products can be customized according to customer requirements.
Air shower room order hotline: 15221126962 Miss Cai QQ: 1851866318 MSN: yuant8551@msn.cn Email: yuant8551@126.com

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