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Yuantuo wind shower room purchase guide (with pictures)

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Yuantuo Purification is located at No. 100 Tianwang Road, Nanxiang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai. The company is committed to the design, development and production of purification equipment products. It has advanced production technology and first-class production and processing equipment. Brief introduction to the production process and configuration of the room
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
In the raw material area, all materials of Yuantuo's air shower room are 1.2mm thick, and the materials are: SUS304 SUS201 cold rolled steel plate   All the materials of Yuantuo's air shower room are processed by advanced CNC punching machine, the precision error is plus or minus 0.1mm, all the installation holes and screw holes are all processed by punching machine, to avoid the deviation of the hole position caused by manual drilling
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
After the punching is completed, the deburring treatment is carried out. All the edges of the source plate are processed with # 320 grinding discs, and no hand cutting will occur. After the grinding is completed, the CNC bending process is adopted. The source extension uses the most advanced 4 + 1 in the market Full axis CNC bending machine, the misunderstanding difference of bending size is plus or minus 0.05mm, the angle error is plus or minus 0.05 degrees, the picture shows the bending is in progress   Welding operation is performed after bending is completed, all welding seams of Yuantuo are polished to avoid hygienic dead ends, and the welding is transferred to the assembly group for assembly after welding. The picture shows the air shower before assembly
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The filters used by Yuantuo are all high-efficiency filters from well-known manufacturers. The material is aluminum frame, double-sided protective net, the size is 610 * 610 * 69mm, the filtration efficiency is 99.99% at0.3um, to ensure that the air outlet reaches the wind-level purification level   The picture shows the assembly site of the outer paint and the inner stainless steel air shower room. After the paint is completed, the inner surface of the channel is treated. The material of the surface is SUS304 * 1.2MM wire drawing board
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
    The picture shows the control circuit board of Yuantuo air shower room. All power distribution adopts international standards. The company's air shower room control system uses advanced intelligent voice control system. All operations have voice prompt function. The internal power distribution uses CHINT relays. And switching power supply to ensure service life
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Stainless steel door handle, Yuantuo air shower room is divided into two types: stainless steel door and aluminum profile door. Stainless steel door handles are all made by Yuantuo, with a wall thickness of 1.5mm, which is more durable than stainless steel handles (0.7mm) sold on the market. The company's lifetime warranty for stainless steel handles   The picture shows the overall effect of the stainless steel door
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The picture shows the production site of the air shower room aluminum door. Yuantuo aluminum profile door is a delicate door aluminum material developed by the company specifically for the air shower room. The door body and door frame are made of 6 different models and specifications for industrial aluminum profiles. Made, all connections are concealed, surface anodized.   Door body: made of our company's patented heavy-duty industrial aluminum profile, anodized on the surface, exquisite appearance, the upper part of the door is 5mm transparent tempered glass, and the lower part is a dedicated silver brushed aluminum-plastic plate, all of which are sealed by our company's patented airtight pressure strip Assume,
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Door closers; two sets of high-quality German-funded "OUBAO" door closers, two "Opel" brand 180 degree door closers, which are more durable than other brand door closers   Fans: equipped with 2 sets of high-quality double-volute, high-efficiency, large-volume, low-noise fans dedicated for DSX air shower room, power supply 380V / 50HZ, three-phase five-wire system, fan power: 0.55Kw / set
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
    Control principle: This equipment is equipped with an advanced control system, from door to door-blower-door, all processes are fully automatic, and there are intelligent voice prompts to avoid misoperation of new employees because they do not understand the process, and are equipped with an emergency stop switch, which is convenient Power off in case of emergency, two doors fully open in case of power outage, convenient for employees to evacuate
Shipped nationwide, Yuantuo has an annual output of more than 1,000 air shower rooms. It has always established a factory with quality and is committed to building a large-scale purification equipment production base. Since its establishment, it has been the preferred equipment supporting manufacturer of major purification engineering companies. Widely used in clean rooms in various industries    


The above steps are a simple process for making the air shower room. For more information, please call the
air shower room order hotline: 15221126962 Miss Cai QQ: 1851866318 MSN: yuant8551@msn.cn Email: yuant8551@126.com

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