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YT800000023 Carbon steel acetylene single bottle trolley

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The front wheels use 8-inch nylon wheels, and the rear wheels use 3-inch conductive universal brake wheels
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Yuant Purification
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Product No .: YT800000023
The company (Shanghai Yuantuo Purification Equipment Factory) produces carts of various materials.
Carbon steel acetylene cylinder section carts trolleys (Bottle)
specific parameters are as follows:
outer dimensions: L1000 * H1100
appropriate storage: acetylene bottle diameter 340MM
heaviest load: 100KG
plate thickness: 5MM steel
chain: 4 * 600MM
Wheel Specifications : The front wheels use 8-inch nylon wheels, and the rear wheels use 3-inch conductive universal brake wheels.
Process: All burrs are fully ground and polished, and the ports are encapsulated. Easy to transport gas cylinders.
Attached instruction manual:
When replacing the gas cylinder, pull up the back handle to make the bottom plate touch the ground. After the gas cylinder is placed in the fixing groove, lock the safety chain, and then lower the handle to make the rear wheel
touch the ground. After reaching the fixed position, please lock the back two universal wheel brakes, and check whether the safety chain is fixed, and it can be
used normally after confirmation .
The truck can be used for two-point transportation of gas cylinders, and can also be used to fix the gas cylinders on the cart.
Matters needing attention: It is strictly prohibited to carry out without the safety chain being tied. It is strictly forbidden to work with the bottle when the movable wheel is not locked.
The warranty period of this vehicle under normal use is one year. Consultation hotline: 021-51086883


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