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YT800000073 Stainless steel air shower room channel

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Item No .: YT800000073
Use manufacturer; Highly Group (Shanghai Hitachi Electric Co., Ltd.) In
early September, Shanghai Yuantuo undertook the production of stainless steel air shower room of Shanghai Hitachi Electric Co., Ltd. The author has followed the entire production process. Now a brief picture and text are introduced as follows:
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The upper part of the stainless steel door is made of 5mm tempered glass, and the lower part is made of stainless steel wire drawing board, which is firm and beautiful   The company's special stainless steel handle is more robust than similar decorative stainless steel handles on the market, and the handle has a lifetime warranty
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The mass-produced stainless steel air shower room box, Yuantuo annually produces more than 1,000 air shower rooms, with sufficient production capacity   The box is preliminarily assembled and formed in the factory, and then the parts are shipped to the construction site for secondary assembly
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Ship to customer site   During the site assembly, Yuantuo has a 20-person air shower room installation team, which is located all over the country to carry out the installation and maintenance of the air shower room, which solves the customer's concerns about the response speed of the after-sales because the supplier is too far away. Tuo guarantees to handle within two days of receiving the customer's maintenance call notification
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Initial assembly and forming, waiting for the door   The internal structure of the air shower adopts an advanced internal circulating air system, and the air outlet is also made of 304 stainless steel
Assemble and shape, remove the protective film, and wait for the handover    


Shanghai Yuantuo undertakes various types of air shower rooms: cargo shower rooms / air shower channels / air shower rooms / Shanghai air shower rooms / Henan air shower channels / air shower rooms.
If necessary, please call to consult.
Air shower room order hotline: 15221126962 Miss Cai QQ: 1851866318 MSN: yuant8551@msn.cn Email: yuant8551@126.com

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