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YT800000165 T type air shower room

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Detailed description:
Product Code: YT800000295 Product Name: T-shaped corner wind shower room Customer: Yangzhou Dry Photoelectricity
Quality: SUS304 * 1.2MM Surface Treatment: Brushed Board
Wind Speed: 25M / S Nozzle Material: SUS304 Nozzle Quantity: 24
Effect Filter Quantity: 4 Specifications : 610 * 610 * 75 Filtration efficiency: 99.99% at0.3um Filter frame: aluminum frame
Air shower fan: 4 Model: DSX-200 Power: 0.55KW * 4    
Control system: Intelligent voice control system
Door closer with emergency stop button : Opel * 4              
Yuantuo all air shower room accessories are using well-known brands, the warranty period is one year, the thickness of all the plates are above 1.1 A series of technological innovations have been adopted in production and production, and we have always been at the forefront of the industry. We believe that only continuous innovation can lead the market.
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Dimensions   On-site assembly
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Assembly site two   The side is sprayed with the top for better dust removal effect
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The top is equipped with a spray ball with a wind speed of 25M / S, in line with industry standards   Double door, the door material is made of special aluminum profile developed by the company for the air shower room, the appearance is beautiful
"T" type air shower room "L" type air shower room "U" type air shower room "Z" type air shower room    


The structure characteristics of the heterosexual air shower room:
product box material: the box and the inner tank are made of stainless steel or cold-rolled steel plate, and the bottom plate is made of stainless steel;
product interlocking device: stainless steel electric plug lock with automatic door closer;
air filter device: equipped Our company has its own clapboard high-efficiency filter, the filtration efficiency is: H13 (MPPS), the initial efficiency filter, the filtration efficiency is: G4 level (weight method), to ensure the purification level; product process system: fully automatic infrared induction blowing , One-way air shower room, enter from the non-clean area, the infrared sensor will blow when the door is closed, the two doors are automatically locked during the shower, the entry door is locked after the shower, and the air shower room does not blow when exiting from the clean area Shower to save energy;
nozzle and face wind speed: equipped with multiple angle adjustable stainless steel nozzles, left and right sides blowing shower; face wind speed == 25M / S, in line with industry standards;
power supply related: 3N, 380V, 50HZ, 1.1KW;
Circuit control: advanced high-tech integrated circuit board, PLC control, LED display blowing time, time relay 0-99 seconds adjustable, infrared automatic sensor, induction automatic blowing, touch micro switch, and installation of human nature Intelligent voice prompt system.
Fan configuration: equipped with a dedicated fan for the air shower room to ensure the blowing effect.
The special-shaped air shower room is specially provided for customers with special venues. Can also provide other non-standard customized! 
Air shower room order hotline: 13585774135 Miss Cai QQ: 1851866318 MSN: yuant8551@msn.cn Email: yuant8551@126.com

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