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YT800000064 Electronic tracking shelf

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Product Code: YT800000064
Product Name Electronic Tracking Shelf
Customer: TSMC (Shanghai)
1. Name: Wafer Tracking Shelf Electronic Shelf Semiconductor Shelf
2. Material: SUS 304 * 1.5mm double mirror panel
  laminate is punched plate, the bracket is SUS304 30 * 30 square tube is made of
  stainless steel positioning bar, and the
  electronic display screen is fixed on the front of the fixed wafer box to facilitate the operator to find the
  stainless steel guardrail around the product
. 3. Scope of application: It is convenient to track each wafer batch on the semiconductor production line. It also prevents wafer wear.
  Long service life.
4. Shanghai Yuantuo undertakes the production of various clean room products. Welcome to inquire.


Yuantuo   Yuantuo
After the sheet metal production is completed, Yuantuo will check every detail, and every bayonet will be checked with the real boat box.   Triangle positioning strips are installed on the shelf shelves to ensure the placement of the crystal boat box, which is convenient for the operator
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The front is the display mounting hole and set the button installation position   The design can store 5 boxes of wafer drying boxes per layer, and 20 boxes per machine
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Behind the wafer box, there is a photoelectric sensor switch and a scanning device, which can read the barcode on the mask box and display the batch information on the front display screen. The operator can easily read the wafer box by placing it on the shelf Get wafer information   Display and buttons


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