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YT800000337 Electromechanical Installation Engineering

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Product Code: YT800000337 Product Name: Electromechanical Installation Engineering

Customers: various clean room system pipelines and process system pipelines, monitoring systems, broadcasting systems, fire fighting systems, power supply, lighting power supply, bulk gas, chemical supply, exhaust system, air supply system


Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Installation and layout of various technological pipelines and electromechanical bridges   Power supply, lighting power supply, switch, socket, network and other wiring
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Various liquid pipeline layout, supply and recovery of ultrapure water, chilled water, hot water, etc.   Fire piping layout and fire hydrant, sprinkler head, smoke sensing system, fire alarm system, automatic fire extinguishing system in the workshop
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The factory affairs broadcasting system is connected to the central control room, and the broadcasting system can be arranged in any corner of the factory area, which is convenient for broadcasting to find people   Erection, installation and commissioning of various clean room factory service system pipelines and process manufacturing process pipelines, installation and transformation of automation systems


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