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YT800000018 Gas Supply System (GC / BSGS)

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Product Code: YT800000018 Special gas supply system

Yuantuo provides the design, construction and debugging of various gas pipelines, mainly serving the semiconductor fab, LED, new energy, and biomedicine industries

Stainless steel pipe fittings are the main pipe fittings used to transmit various process gases, especially the transmission of some highly toxic, flammable and explosive dangerous gases. Therefore, the production and construction requirements of stainless steel pipe fittings are the most stringent among the above different pipe fittings. Generally, for the delivery of P-level (× 10 -9) process gas, SUS316 EP (Electronic Polishing) pipes are required For general non-process gas transportation, BA (Bright Anneal) pipes made of SUS316 are used. As a low carbon content stainless steel material, SUS316 not only has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, but also has good resistance to pits. Because the BA tube is manufactured through complex processes such as dissolution, rolling (Hot / Cold Rolling), welding (Welding), heat treatment (Hot treatment), and grinding (Polishing), its surface roughness Rmax ≦ 4.5mm. In addition to surface grinding and other processes, EP pipes are also subjected to electrolytic grinding and precision cleaning techniques, and their Rmax ≦ 0.7mm [3].


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