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YT800000320 Stainless steel sink

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Product number: YT800000320
Product name: stainless steel hand basin medical sink
User : Nu Skin (China) daily necessities
Material: SUS304 / SUS316
Function optional: automatic soap supply, induction water, automatic drying and other functions
suitable for medicine, food, hospital , Biotechnology, laboratory and other clean rooms, the style can be selected from open and closed.
The stainless steel sink produced by our company has a beautiful appearance, all welding points are polished and smooth, and the overall tabletop is not deformed. If you need other materials, you can customize The sink is designed as a slot type, equipped with three high-end automatic sensor faucets


Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Half of the water tank and half of the operation platform, the platform has a water retaining edge to prevent water overflow   On-site installation and commissioning
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Single slot   Two more taps to wash hands, there is a soap dispenser, and the water supply is a foot switch
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The purified dressing area uses purified water pipeline to supply water   On-site construction, installation and commissioning
Drainage and water intake are inside the bottom cabinet, with beautiful appearance.
Yuantuo can customize various stainless steel sinks, with automatic, manual, hand-washing and drying-body types, etc. for customers to choose


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