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YT800000351 Integral laminar flow isolation system

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Product Code: YT800000351 Product Name: Integral Laminar Flow Isolation System
Applicable industry: pharmaceutical
Machine used: Conveyor belt of capping machine
Equipment characteristics: The laminar flow hood and isolation system are designed in a body style, which effectively isolates the machine assembly line from the outside air, and the isolation device is installed with
It is used as a glove and to open the door, which is convenient for operation and maintenance. The laminar flow hood box is made of SUS304 stainless steel, with a built-in liquid tank type high-efficiency filter (H14)
Membrane, lighting system, wind speed control system, etc., the automatic system ensures that the wind speed can be constant at the set wind speed during use, and has an overpressure alarm device,
When the final resistance of the filter is reached, it will automatically alarm and prompt to replace the filter.
Purification principle: the top-sending air type, the clean air is discharged through the liquid tank type high-efficiency filter, and passes through the even-flow membrane.
Return air at the bottom and bottom to ensure the cleanliness and positive pressure of the production area
Purification level: A level
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The isolation system is installed with a stainless steel frame combined with tempered glass. The tempered glass door has airtight pressure strips to ensure tightness.   The laminar flow hood is designed to be air-blasted at the head, the internal purification level is A, and the whole is fully sealed and isolated
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Special stainless steel pressure handle system   Integral isolation system of packing machine
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Operating gloves    


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