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YT800000014 water bath

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Product NO: YT80000014
water bath mainly for laboratory distillation, drying, concentration, temperature, and chemical or biological stains, may also be used with other constant heating temperature of the sample
test, biological, genetic, viral, aquatic, environment, medicine , Health, laboratory, analysis room, education and scientific research essential tools.
1. Production specifications:
1. The main body plates are made of SUS316 * 1.2mm double mirror panel (the thickness of the plate is subject to small tolerances = 1.12mm).
2. The top frame is controlled by 25 * 50 * 1.2mm stainless steel bright side.
3. All flash welds must be ground and polished.
4 Attached 4 3 inch universal brake wheels.
5. The finished product is cleaned with a clean room cleaning standard and covered with a cleaning film.
6. In order to comply with the environmental protection policy, the surface is specially polished and polished by precision, instead of chemical electrolytic polishing (etching), so as not to pollute the environment.
Second, the water pot uses electrical accessories:
1 electric heating tube 380V 3000W * 3 pcs
2 power indicator 2 brand Siemens
3. emergency stop switch weave
4. heating switch weave
5.220V three hole socket 1
6. leakage protection switch 1 Brand: Siemens
7. Five-core special plug 1 woven
8. Electric heating tube heating regulator 1 group
9. Time relay one group, used to control the heating time

Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Finished product side view   The master makes the craft
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Inside view of semi-finished products   Internal conductive tube
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
back image   Internal power cord



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