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YT800000366 Laminar flow hood for soft bag workshop

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Product ID: 7800000366
Product name: Laminar flow hood
Customer: Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical / Chengdu Xinlibang
Material: SUS 304 * 1.2mm wire drawing board
Specifications: can be customized according to the actual needs of customers
The laminar flow hood is to pass the air through the high-efficiency filter at a certain wind speed to form a uniform flow layer, so that the clean air is vertically unidirectional, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the work area to meet the process requirements. There are two types of clean laminar flow hoods: built-in fan and external fan. The installation methods include hanging and floor support type laminar flow hood. Pressure, the clean air is sent into the work area in a vertical laminar flow, thus ensuring that the work area reaches the high cleanliness required by the process
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The upper laminar flow hood is ceiling-mounted, and the return air form is side inlet
Below the laminar flow hood is a stainless steel frame with tempered glass isolation system
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Laminar flow adopts Siemens automatic control system, which can run automatically after setting wind speed
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