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YT800000370 Split weighing room

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Product Numbers: YT800000370   
Product name: negative pressure weighing hood   
Suitable industry: Biomedicine
Material: SUS304 * 1.2 drawing board
Weighing hood is a special special studio for sampling, weighing, analysis and other industries. It can control the dust and dust in the work area from spreading outside the operation area, and ensure that the operator does not inhale the operated items. A special purification equipment to control flying dust. The indoor air passes through the primary effect filter and the intermediate effect filter, and is pressed into the static pressure box by the centrifugal fan. After passing through the high-efficiency filter, the air is blown out from the air outlet of the air flow diffusion air supply unit. , Thereby forming a highly clean working environment. The operating area of ​​the weighing chamber is maintained at a negative pressure and 10% of the circulating air is discharged. The air in the weighing chamber passes through a three-stage filtration system (high-efficiency filter removes 99.99% of particles ≥ 0.3μm above all dust) for self-circulation.
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The weighing hood adopts the lifting type, which is sealed with the color steel plate wall for three weeks, making full use of the limited space of the clean room   The weighing hood adopts the return air at the bottom, and the return air wall of the clean room is used to return the airflow to the top supply air box. By accurately controlling the supply and exhaust air volume, the purpose of negative pressure operation is achieved, and the equipment is automatically operated.
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The air supply box has an air outlet, which can exhaust a relatively proportional airflow, thereby controlling the operation area to maintain a negative pressure environment   The system uses PCL and wind speed sensor for precise control, perfect man-machine interface, easy to use
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Built-in German imported EMB frequency conversion fan, liquid tank type high-efficiency filter, and even-flow membrane installed on the bottom air outlet surface to ensure uniform wind speed   Our company customizes various models and specifications of negative pressure weighing room, welcome to inquire


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