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YT800000144 Purification storage cabinet

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YT800000144 dust-free workstation
Customer: Ningbo Lili Electronic Technology
Uses: Suitable for storage of items in a clean room, the internal cleanliness of the cabinet reaches Class100
1. Product name: clean booth clean booth clean booth
2 Production specifications:
1) The main frame is made by Shanghai Yuantuo Company's special 40 * 40 # and 30 * 30 # series aluminum extruded profiles (surface anodizing)
Speed ​​assembly assembly.
2) _The isolation material on the upper part is sealed with 3t aluminum-plastic board, and the front is sealed with 1.0T PVC antistatic curtain.
3) FFU system adopts Japanese imported HITACHT fan unit, wind speed 0 25-0.4M / S, efficiency 0 3um 99 99% power supply 220V / 50HZ.
3. Product drawing:
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The overall frame is made of Yuantuo's patented aluminum profile, with special aluminum profile bead sealing anti-static plate, and the laminate is stainless steel plate
Shanghai Yuantuo undertakes all kinds of clean room products. Welcome to inquire.


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