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Arc color steel plate (Yuantuo patent)

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The new national GMP standard puts forward higher requirements for clean room materials and construction processes. The main idea is easy to clean and no dust accumulation. The traditional process is to install arc aluminum materials at the corners, and then use silicone to seal the joint It is easy to get bacteria everywhere, and it is not easy to clean. Because the silicone will age for a long time, there is also a risk of environmental pollution
Two-dimensional corner color steel plate, used for corner processing between clean room walls, especially suitable for operating rooms, high-end laboratories, clean visit corridors, etc.


Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The main feature of the arc wall panel system developed by Yuantuo is the abandonment of aluminum profiles, resulting in fewer gaps in the clean room   The corners of the wall panel and the top panel are connected, making cleaning more convenient
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The three-dimensional corner of the wall and the top plate solves the places where the clean room is most prone to dust and bacteria   The wall can be prefabricated in the factory, making installation more convenient
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Factory prefabricated socket system and return air system can return air in the wall   Always innovating and never stop


Name: Two-dimensional corner plate
Invention patent number: 2016107108124
Utility model patent number: 2016209276191
Name: Three-dimensional corner plate
Invention patent number: 2016107105130
Utility model patent number: 2016209276191
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