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YT800000209 Double door electronic moisture proof cabinet

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W600 x D710 x H1940 mm
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Yuant Purification
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There are more than 14 industrial defective products in the world due to the destruction of moisture. The rapid and dust-free moisture removal design is suitable for the general and dust-free purification environment of the semiconductor electronics industry
:! Optional materials: a. Cold-rolled steel plate Paint b, SUS304 stainless steel C, cabinet paint, laminate stainless steel
Color optional: matte black, matte gray, sus
model: YT80000209-A
humidity control range: 20-609%
model: YT80000209-8
humidity control range: 10 -20%
model: YT80000209-C Humidity control range: 1-10%
volume: 480 liters
partition: 3 pieces
Overall dimensions: w600 * D710 * h1940MM inner dimensions: w596 * d680 * h1840mm
use overview: anti-chamber is based on the army A dehumidification platform established by the development of high-tech equipment to meet the humidity requirements of various precision accessories and electronic devices storage. Specially used to store electronic materials and accessories such as classified management precision accessories, advanced lenses, photographic equipment, optical equipment, electronic devices, integrated circuit boards, SMT, microcomputer chips, etc. Fracture, electronic device failure, etc. In order to improve the reliability and service life of storage products, intelligent microcomputer management is adopted to improve the maintainability and intact rate of accessories, so that various precision parts and electronic devices are always in a good performance state.
Material description: 1.2mm imported cold-rolled steel sheet is used for stamping and bending, argon arc precision welding, and the internal and external surfaces are treated with electrostatic spraying.
Window: 4M vandal-proof tempered glass, double-layer door frame structure, flat and beautiful, unitary with concealed door] lock, with insurance function.
Control technology: the use of microcomputer intelligent fuzzy display inertial system control technology; the sensor is imported from the United States, the brand is Honeywell, digital frequency output port, strong versatility, easy replacement, high accuracy, less annual drift, anti-interference ability Strong.
Moisture control movement: The shell is made of South Korean imported engineering plastics, with a temperature resistance of more than 300 degrees, a design life of more than 30 years, a molecular sieve imported from Germany, and a dual memory alloy spring imported from Sweden to ensure the durability and fatigue resistance of the movement; The anti-chassis box is motorless, heat insulation, magnetic isolation, anti-static, dust-proof, anti-theft, low power, and no consumption village. Therefore, the anti-chassis box has environmental protection, energy saving, mute, no pollution, and no dripping.
Display: 3 windows digital display (LED digital tube: 1 group for temperature, 1 group for humidity, 1 group for dynamic display of humidity), the change of humidity in the box is visual and visible.
Power-off protection memory function: After power-off, the system can ensure that the humidity increase in the box is less than 10% (within 24 hours), and there is no need to reset the memory function after power-off.
Working principle Humidity sensor (humidity and temperature signal) a microcomputer (CPU central processing unit)-coffee heater (polymer material PTC constant temperature heating module heating)--intelligent shape memory alloy (alloy shape changes with temperature change)-> balance o spring (spring balance with ordinary alloy)
warranty: 2-year warranty, lifetime free moisture advice
voltage, power: 220v average power: 26w
1, anti-static treatment: the use of imported advanced double powder Permanent anti-static baking paint, which is resistant to scratches and prevents electronic penetration caused by static electricity generated by low humidity. (Optional)
2; Rapid dehumidification system: can be used on any model, without N2 (nitrogen assist, you can quickly dehumidify. The intelligent microcomputer Fu2z humidity sensing system will automatically sense humidity and automatically start rapid dehumidification Function, when the humidity setting value is reached, it will automatically stop converting to electric energy operation

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