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YT800000281 Four-door paint nitrogen cabinet

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Product number: Y1800000801 Anti-static nitrogen cabinet
Production date: March 2012 Use customer: Huatian Technology Industry: Semiconductor packaging test
Use occasions: Calendering and storage of finished and semi-finished products in the workshop
: User can set according to product characteristics Humidity value, when the sensor in the cabinet senses that the humidity is higher than the set value, it will issue a command to fill the cabinet with nitrogen through the solenoid valve to quickly reduce the humidity. When the humidity in the cabinet is less than the set value, it will stop filling the cabinet. .
Uses: Moisture-proof, anti-oxidation
With the rapid development of precision electronics, nitrogen cabinets are widely used in chips, ICs, semiconductors, components, precision electronic instruments, military observation optical equipment, lenses, experimental chemicals, non-ferrous metals, BGA, film , Modules, patches and other fields, compared with traditional moisture-proof cabinets, nitrogen cabinets have more anti-oxidation function, especially in the semiconductor industry has been widely used, Yuantuo has successfully developed the third generation of nitrogen control cabinet, compared The direct-filled nitrogen cabinet saves more than 40% of the gas, which greatly reduces the production of Weiben by the owner. It is widely praised for its good gas tightness, fine workmanship, and simple and easy-to-operate control system.
Material: 1.2mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate in the outer box, 1.2mm stainless steel plate in the inner layer. The layer plate
is movable, which is convenient for the owner to adjust the space according to different usage needs, or increase or reduce the number of layers

Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The whole exterior is anti-static paint, special airtight handle and airtight hinge   Nitrogen control operating system
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Yuantuo's production of nitrogen cabinets has been widely used in the semiconductor industry   Top flow control system can control the intake air speed
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The cabinet is made of stainless steel movable layer, with good load bearing   Laminate punching, in order to facilitate the even distribution of airflow, unique multi-supply point air supply to prevent the appearance of dead corners
The application example in the customer's factory, Yuantuo annually produces more than 3,000 nitrogen cabinets, stable performance, reliable quality, welcome to buy, our company can accept non-standard customization  


Order Hotline of Nitrogen Cabinet Moisture-proof Cabinet: 13817994393

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