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YT800000262 Stainless steel nitrogen cabinet

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W600 x D550 x H1800
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Yuant Purification
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NO: YT80000262
outer dimension: W600 D550 * H1800 *
*. 1 2MM double mirror panel SUS304
gate count: two
casters: four 2.5-inch heavy duty casters adjusted
arranged: a flow meter in the pressure regulating valve assembly gauge
pipe: a three-way gas respectively And four-way matching to the corresponding position in the cabinet.
Internal laminate: three layers.
Optional: LED display
The nitrogen cabinet produced by our company has the characteristics of good sealing and stable performance. The unique four-door independent gas supply design is adopted to avoid the problem. A large amount of nitrogen is wasted due to the opening of the door, which maximizes the cost savings for customers. Nitrogen cabinets of various sizes can be customized according to customer needs

Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Overall mirror panel production   After each cabinet door is opened, the interior is divided into two layers, and the number of shelves can be increased according to the situation.
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Install the company's patented nitrogen control system on the top   Laminate punching to increase nitrogen circulation and prevent dead ends
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Cabinet door adopts airtight pressurized handle to ensure the sealing performance   Special airtight hinge
Shanghai Yuantuo can customize a variety of stainless steel nitrogen cabinets, welcome to call to order nitrogen cabinet moisture-proof cabinet order hotline: 13818238771 Miss Wang QQ: 15274004201  
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