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YT800000225 large capacity control nitrogen cabinet

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W2200 x D1000 x H2600
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Yuant Purification
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NO: Y80000225 large density-controlled nitrogen cabinet
outer size: W2200 * D1000 * H2600
* 1.2MM mirror plate SUS304
gate count: six
castors: six 25-inch heavy duty adjustment casters
configuration: large panel nitrogen temperature and humidity display control facility
piping: Nitrogen passes through the pipeline to the controller at the top of the cabinet, adjusts the temperature and humidity, and then enters the cabinet, which can effectively avoid the disadvantages of pure nitrogen storage and can only control the degree of uncontrollable temperature. ,
Internal shelf: second floor
Option: LED display, large gas controller
The nitrogen cabinet produced by the company has the characteristics of good sealing and stable performance. The unique four independent gas supply design is adopted to avoid the opening of the door.

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