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YT800000206 Painted nitrogen cabinet

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Scope of applicationAnti-
oxidation materials, chips, ICs, semiconductors, components, precision electronic instruments, military observation optical equipment, lenses, experimental chemicals, non-ferrous metals, BGA, webs, modules, patches,
etc.Cabinet functions:
1. The cabinet is made of 1.2mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate (SUS304 plate CNC machining, excellent load-bearing performance, excellent sealing performance, cold-rolled steel plate surface treatment using advanced 18-process orange paint, strong corrosion resistance
2, door inlay 4mm high-strength tempered glass, anti-tilt ear structure design, with flat pressurized handle and lock--body design, the bottom is equipped with an integrated heavy-duty transport wheel with leveling feet,
3. LED super bright digital display, temperature and humidity sensor Imported from the United States, independent display of temperature and humidity, long service life, humidity can be set and has a memory function, no need to set after power off,
4. Humidity display range 1 ~ 99% temperature display 1 ~ 99 degrees, display accuracy high-level board Design: The laminate is made of 12mm high-quality steel plate, the middle is added, the load bearing performance is excellent, all are movable laminates, and the height can be adjusted freely. Easy to use Humidity setting: 1 ~ 60% RH fixed point Nitrogen placement access system: our company's uniquely designed solenoid valve control and control system, quick-plug nitrogen control system: unique LED panel design, U.S. imported temperature and humidity sensor, when the humidity in the cabinet is detected to be higher than the set value The system will automatically issue a command to perform high-speed nitrogen filling. When the humidity in the cabinet is equal to the set value, the system will automatically stop the air intake. The humidity in the cabinet is maintained by the sealing system. Degree, anti-oxidation of the target storage items, precise control, nitrogen saving.
Internal function: 1. Anti-static body
2. Computer reading function, you can read the temperature curve of the cabinet.

Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Flat pressure handle and airtight window   Flat pressure handle with lock
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Four-door nitrogen cabinet, can be used for single door, two door, six i] and various specifications   After the inspection, wait for the package to ship


Yuantuo Purification can customize all kinds of nitrogen cabinets, moisture-proof cabinets, drying cabinets, and
nitrogen cabinets for non-standard order hotline: 15821141506

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