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YT800000191 nitrogen cabinet

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Material: SUS304 * 1.5 Mirror
Shelf: Adjustable movable type, surface punching, so that nitrogen is evenly distributed
Airtight door: Imported special pressure handle and patent airtight pressure bar are used to ensure the tightness of the
door and window: Anti-static imported from Japan Clean pvc board
control system: pressure regulator pressure gauge flow meter assembly, the pressure regulator can set a cabinet pressure, when the nitrogen pressure in the cabinet reaches the set value, it will automatically stop the gas supply, when the cabinet pressure is less than the set when the gas supply will be automatically given value, high stability
casters: Taiwan imported anti-static caster adjustment 4 groups can be adjusted horizontally fixed feet raised, such as the feet can be adjusted lower level when moving, easy to use
Shanghai source extension The clean indoor nitrogen cabinet of various sizes can be customized according to customer needs

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