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YT800000289 PP overall corrosion resistance

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In October 2011, Yuantuo undertook the dust-free purification engineering of a university laboratory and the planning and equipment supply in the laboratory. The cleanliness level of this chemical laboratory is dry, and all kinds of internal chemical reagents are available-including hazardous chemicals And all kinds of volatile organic solvents, Yuantuo's plan of using PP materials to make laboratory furniture finally passed the review of the expert group, and stood out among many competitors, becoming the only supplier of the purification project and laboratory furniture.

Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The cabinet is made of 12MM imported porcelain white PP board, the table is made of solid core physical and chemical board, and the load bearing performance is good   The cabinet under the experimental table is designed with two layers, and PP movable laminates can be placed to facilitate customers to increase or decrease the number of laminates in the future
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Experimental side table and wall-mounted PP storage cabinet   PP chemical cabinet, used to store all kinds of dangerous chemicals for testing, with an exhaust facility on the top, and a safety tray on the bottom, in line with the national storage and use standards for hazardous chemicals
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
One-piece PP fume hood, including D cleaning, heating cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, HF cleaning, and experimental table in one   The central experimental platform is equipped with beaker racks, PP neck faucets, PP sinks and other functions in one, and a PP locker
source extension above the middle experimental rack can be customized for various laboratory corrosion-resistant furniture. Wait, welcome to call to order
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