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YT80000373 Steel-wood structure furniture

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Countertop: The countertop is made of solid core physicochemical board (US VIA), 12.7mm thick, thickened at the periphery; the sink is installed under the countertop; the countertop is veneered
physicochemical board (VIA), 0.9mm thick, and the substrate is A Particleboard (Jilin Lushuihe brand), the table top is 25mm thick, the inner surface is affixed with a balance board 0.6mm thick (Via America), and the sink is installed on the table top. .
Frame: using 40mm * 60mm * 2.8mm SS440 steel welding, surface EPOXY coating. According to CNS2111. G2013-85 specification requirements.
Door panel, bucket panel: fire-resistant board veneer (Viasia USA) on the outside, 0.7mm thick; base material is grade A particle board (Jilin Lushuihe brand), 18mm thick, balance board 0.6mm thick on the inside (Viasia USA) .
Cabinet body plate: Adopt trimeric ** * Ammonia moisture-proof board (Jilin Lushuihe brand), 18mm thick.
Edge banding: PVC edge banding, door panel, bucket panel edge banding 2mm thick, cabinet and other are 1mm thick. All boards are treated with fully mechanical edge banding.
Hinge: High-quality spring hinge.
Handle: Use BETA insertable ABS handle.
Power socket: WONRO multi-function socket made in Taiwan is used, the jack is equipped with a safety door, suitable for various instruments, and conforms to the Great Wall (CCEE) electrical product certification.
Experimental faucet: It is a laboratory-specific laboratory faucet, which is made of copper. The surface layer is treated with acid-resistant paint to prevent acid and alkali and rust. The upper one can rotate 360 ​​degrees. The valve] is made of precision ceramics and the outlet is PVC material.
Water tank: It is made of high-density black pure PP material-body molding, with a thickness of 5mm or more, which is elastic, resistant to acids, alkalis, heat and organic solvents.
Adjusting the feet and skirting boards: PVC is used to adjust the feet and skirting boards, and the height can be adjusted.


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