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YT800000113 24 door shoe cabinet

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Product code: YT80000113
Product name: 241] Shoe cabinet (ventilation type)
Customer: Nu Skin (China) Eli Lilly
Applicable industries: food, medicine, cosmetics and other GMP standard clean workshop dressing areas
Applicable area: Clean room two changing area, used to store personal indoor shoes and clean shoes
Configuration: 4 columns * 6 layers, each layer is equipped with a layer board
Material: SUS304 * 1.2MM wire drawing board
Features: Traditional clean room shoe cabinet storage area will have odors for a long time, which makes the staff feel uncomfortable, and even send the air back to the system through the clean room to clean
The clean room work area caused secondary pollution. Based on this point, Yuantuo independently developed and developed an exhaust type shoe cabinet. The back of the cabinet body has a ventilation layer to remove the differences in the shoe cabinet.
Smell, keeping clean indoor air fresh, has been widely used in large pharmaceutical companies and food and cosmetic companies
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Clean shoe area   An elevated platform is set in the shoe changing area to physically isolate the clean area from the outside world
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
A single shoe cabinet has 24 doors, a ventilation channel on the back, and a stainless steel butt flange on the top, which is connected to the factory negative pressure pipeline   The layout of the shoe changing area fully considers the direction of people flow and people's logistics channels, rationalizes the layout, and maximizes the effective space utilization
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
There are louver air inlets on the cabinet door, special keys and card slots, you can insert business cards on the door, easy to identify the personal cabinet   The top of the factory is connected to the negative pressure pipeline, so that the interior of the cabinet reaches a negative pressure environment, and the indoor odor is effectively eliminated
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Steel frame platform in shoe changing area   Stainless steel cross-stool, all around and bottom adopts arc design, no sanitary corners, in line with the new GMP standard
Yuantuo Yuantuo can customize all kinds of clean room stainless steel products. The company has a professional design team that can plan and design clean room changing area flow lines and related equipment. Welcome to inquire.
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