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YT800000071 一次性用品回收

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Product Code: Y800000071
Product Name: disposable supplies recycling bins
purposes: Recycling gloves, mesh hats, masks, and other one-time items during the clean room
1. Name: locker room trash cleanup trash stainless steel trash can conveniently type trash waste Cylinder 1
2. Material: all adopt SUS 304
3. Scope of application: can be used for storing garbage in the changing room of the clean room of major production workshops.
     a. Convenient delivery, easy to take out the liner, easy to clean, the upper part can also store small items, make full use of space;
     b. high appearance, atmosphere. It is an ideal small object for large factories to do 5S.
4. Welcome to order.


Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The overall design is that the upper part is a disposable consumables placement cabinet, and the lower part is-disposable consumables recycling cabinet.   The recycling cabinet has an inner barrel and can be used with disposable garbage bags. The upper part is the discard port and the lower part is the door. The disposable plastic bag can be replaced after the door is opened
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
The upper part is divided into six compartments, which can store anti-static gloves (large, medium and small), disposable net caps,--secondary masks and other items   The lower cabinet is a built-in flat handle with a lock
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