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YT800000356 Closed dust-free wardrobe

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W2400 x D650 x H2030 mm
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Yuant Purification
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Product Code: Y800000356 Product Name: Enclosed dust-free wardrobe Customer: Nanjing Jingjing Photoelectricity
Applicable place: Clean room secondary dressing area
Number of users: 50 people
Features: There is a hanging ring on the top, which can hang clean clothes, and the bottom is shoes The cabinet can store dust-free shoes. The wardrobe and shoe cabinet are designed in-style, easy to move, and take up
little space.
Material: The whole is made of sus304 polished mirror stainless steel plate, and the shoe cabinet plate is punched to reduce the laminar flow of air in the clean room. Sound, and effectively reduce odor,
increase air flow permeability

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Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Yuantuo   Yuantuo


The design of the shoe cabinet below is 5 layers * 10 rows, and the round part has a round stainless steel hanger ring, which is matched with the clean shoes. It
is produced in the factory. All connections are welded with argon and fluorine, and are polished and polished
. Cargo
installation and positioning in the customer's factory, Yuantuo can provide customers with full-service, from dust-free dressing area overall planning, product design, stereotyped production, delivery, installation and
positioning, etc. One-stripe service
Customer factory application examples
Front-mounted anti-static curtain To prevent dust-free clothing from being contaminated by the outside world.
Source extension can customize various clean room dressing area equipment, professional dressing area planning and design product drawings, to provide customers with the best quality service

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