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YT800000084 Dust-free dressing area

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Product No .: 7800000084
Name: Overall dressing room
Applicable environment: Class 10 ~ 10000 class clean workshop
Material: SUS 304 mirror stainless steel plate
Accessories: FFU high efficiency filter component
Anti-static grid curtain
Anti-static strip curtain


Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Open clean hanger, made of SUS304 stainless steel   Gloves, mesh caps and masks are placed in the box, the top six boxes are for different sizes of consumables, and the bottom cabinet is for spare supplies.
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Common configuration of the clean room dressing area: consumable racks, changing chairs, clean hangers, clean shoe cabinets   Clothes and shoe cabinets are used together
Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Deburring of all stainless steel products   Dust-free shoe changing chair with rounded edges for a more human touch

Number of people: 10 people / 15 people 125 people / 30 people 150 people The
hanging ring is matched with the shoe cabinet, and can be equipped with trash cans, gloves, net hats, masks, and storage racks
. Feet: horizontal adjustment feet / conductive wheels.
Shoe cabinet punching can be effective Reduce the interference to the air flow in the clean room. The
thickness of the sheet is customized according to customer needs.
Yuantuo Purification is committed to the service of peripheral equipment in the clean room.
Clean wardrobe / purification wardrobe / clean storage wardrobe. . Keep the dust-free clothing fresh and clean,
prevent the re-pollution of outside air, and also have the function of self-purification. According to requirements, the wardrobe can be made of glass sliding or hanging anti-static curtains. And
optional UV lamp is used for sterilization.
The company can design a variety of stainless steel equipment in a custom clean room
. Order hotline for stainless steel products: 13817994393

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