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The construction of the laboratory, whether it is a new construction, expansion, or reconstruction project, is not just to buy reasonable instruments and equipment, but also to comprehensively consider the
overall planning, reasonable layout and graphic design of the laboratory , as well as power supply, water supply, air supply and ventilation . Infrastructure
and basic conditions such as air purification, safety measures, and environmental protection . Therefore, the construction of laboratories is a complex systematic project. In modern laboratories, advanced scientific instruments and superior and perfect laboratories
are necessary conditions for improving the level of modern science and technology and promoting the growth of scientific research results. "People-oriented, people and environment" has become a
topic that people pay close attention to . In line with "safety, environmental protection. Practical, durable, beautiful, economic, excellent, leading", the planning and design concept. The planning and design are mainly divided into six
aspects: graphic design system, single structural function design system, water supply and drainage design system, electric control system, special gas distribution system, harmful gas output
system and other six aspects.

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When doing graphic design. The first factor to consider is "safety". The laboratory is the most prone to explosion, fire, and poison gas leakage. When we are doing graphic design, we should try our best to keep the laboratory ventilated and smooth, and the escape path unobstructed. According to international ergonomic standards.   Professional discipline functions. Laboratories are generally classified according to physics, inorganic chemistry, organic synthetic chemistry, and biology. According to the different contents, uses and scales of the laboratory, each has its own characteristics. For example, basic teaching laboratories are divided according to disciplines. Most of the simpler teaching experiments have lower requirements for water, electricity, wind, etc., while scientific research institutions have ventilation. The electrical control and cleanliness of water supply and drainage are high, but the basic principles of laboratory design are common. Taking organic chemistry as an example, it is mainly composed of basic chemistry laboratory, instrument analysis laboratory, clean laboratory, and computer room. , Research room, auxiliary laboratory, service supply room, etc.
The clean laboratory mainly uses artificial techniques to apply clean technology to control the dust, bacteria concentration, temperature, humidity and pressure in the indoor air to achieve the required environmental parameters such as cleanliness, temperature, humidity and air velocity. Air cleanliness refers to the degree of dust in the air in a clean air environment, and the level of air cleanliness is divided by the concentration of dust. Cleanliness refers to the total particle size of dust particles ≥0.5um per liter of air. China's air cleanliness standards are divided into: 100, 1000, 10000, 00000. International standards are divided into: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5.  
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