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YT800000176 Clean room automatic door

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Product name: Clean room automatic door Clean room automatic door 

Product features: The automatic door in the factory workshop is composed of automatic door machine, door body, and infrared safety light:

1. Double-door or multi-door linkage: It is set to prevent the entry of sand, mosquitoes, etc. generated by air convection after the door leaf is opened. In this case, the door is always closed for the workshop, because A To open the door, door B must be closed, and vice versa.

2. Work automation: Some specific tasks in the factory are completed independently by unmanned machines, and there must be automatic doors to cooperate with the machines to smoothly enter and exit the workshop. For example, in a ceramic factory, an unmanned ceramic workpiece truck carries the workpiece into the heating furnace to heat-heating is completed-notify PLC-PLC drives the workpiece truck, and at the same time opens the automatic door, notifies the PLC after the workpiece truck passes completely through the automatic door, and then The automatic door is closed and thereafter enters the next cycle.

3. In order to improve work efficiency: "closing the door" is a very troublesome thing for the workers working in the workshop, because the workers often drive (push) the factory car or portable materials into and out of the workshop. In order to close the door, they You must get off the car or put down the materials in your hand and close the door before you leave. Many round trips reduce the work efficiency. Therefore, the automatic door solves this problem.

4. This product realizes the full automation of the clean room, the door body automatically opens and closes, without the need to push and pull by hand. The entrance door of the clean room is easy to open and close, without contact, and the entry and exit of personnel and goods are very smooth and efficient, which improves the production process and automation level. For non-contact rooms that require access to the room and cannot be pushed and pulled by hand, or double-open material channels, Qianhan Environmental Protection (www.qianhan.com.cn) can be easily realized with the cooperation of non-contact sensors. It can save space and reduce investment, and the sealing effect is good.

5. This automatic door is suitable for different types and levels of clean rooms, sterile rooms, toilets, and dressing in high-tech industries such as microelectronics, optomagnetic technology, bioengineering, medical and health, electronic machinery, food hygiene, fine chemicals, etc. All kinds of room doors, such as rooms and air lock rooms, are upgrade and replacement products of traditional purification filter doors, and they really have the advantage of popularization.

6. Welcome to inquire: contact number 15221126962 Miss Cai QQ: 466452683 


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