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YT800000189 High efficient air outlet for liquid tank

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Product Code: YT800000189 Product Name: High-efficiency air outlet Applicable group: Class 10,000 and above clean room

Yuantuo Purifying High-Efficiency Air Supply Port
Yuantuo High-efficiency Air Supply Port is designed with the latest Japanese technology to make the air flow distribution more reasonable and the box structure simple and reliable. The shell is made of steel plate, and the surface is treated with multiple layers of pickling and anti-static spray treatment; the color is ivory white, including a static pressure box, a diffuser plate, and a high-efficiency filter. The interface with the air pipe can be top or side. The air supply port has a good air flow organization, which achieves the purpose of reducing dead zones in the clean area and guarantees the purification effect; it is used as a terminal filtration device for the transformation and construction of clean rooms at all levels of 1000-300000, and is a key equipment to meet the purification requirements.
■ The box body is made of high-quality cold rolled steel plate, the outer surface is electrostatically sprayed with a diffuser plate.
■ The structure is compact and the sealing performance is reliable. The air inlet mode has side air inlet and top air inlet. The flange opening has square and round structure.
■ Sometimes the clean room is limited by the height of civil engineering or must be used in a compact design, you can choose to use integrated high-efficiency filter air outlet.
■ Insulation layer and stainless steel are available. 

Yuantuo   Yuantuo
Liquid tank type high-efficiency air outlet, air volume can be selected 500M / H 1000M / H   The diffuser plate can be made of cooling plate spray plastic, aluminum alloy, stainless steel swirl panel and other materials
Assemble the tank filter    

Assemble the liquid tank filter. The
air supply port is equipped with a DOP test port, which is convenient for leak detection of the filter. The back is connected to the flange       
source. The annual output of more than 10,000 high-efficiency air supply ports is welcome.

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