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YT800000050 Supply aluminum profile anti-static partition

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Product Code: YT800000050 Product Name: Clean Room Partition Wall Simple Clean Room Clean Micro Environment

Aluminum profile clean room partition

The frame is made of high-strength aluminum profile and equipped with patented hidden joints. The sealing plate is imported from Japan. The anti-static transparent PVC plate and anti-static aluminum-plastic plate can be used as a clean room partition system, mechanical frame, workbench, cart, and assembly line.


Yuantuo   Yuantuo

Easy to disassemble clean room, the frame is made by our company's special 40 * 40 industrial aluminum profile, the sealing plate is sealed with Japanese imported anti-static PVC plate with special airtight pressure strip, the internal airtightness is good, the top is installed with FFU system, there are Independent air return system


Clean isolation in the semiconductor fab, the sealing plate adopts Japan Sekisui Chemical PVC antistatic board, the partition wall is transparent, which is better than the traditional use of the warehouse board partition wall.

Yuantuo   Yuantuo

The imported entrance adopts anti-static strip curtain to facilitate the push of the cart, and can also be made into manual sliding doors and automatic sliding doors of the same material


Simple clean room made by our company's aluminum profile and special bead (convenient disassembly and assembly, suitable for customers who rent factory buildings temporarily)


Clean room partition system, can be combined with FFU to make MINI-Environment


Clean room order hotline: 13585774135 Mr. Wang QQ: 759327184 MSN: yuant8211@hotmail.com Email: yuant8211@123.com

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